Ngày 28/08/2023
The meeting with students at the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024 of the FEEE was a great success, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Faculty's lecturers and the student's eagerness to learn. The FEEE hopes that this meeting has partly addressed the students' questions and will help them become more confident and competent in their upcoming academic journey.
Ngày 17/07/2023
The 2023 Sumo Robot Contest organized by the Electrical-Electronics Club of Ton Duc Thang University is a very meaningful tournament when it brings participants useful knowledge.
Ngày 10/07/2023
This event brought together many renowned companies in technology supply, manufacturing solutions, and the display of modern machinery systems, providing the participating students with practical experiences as they observed various devices such as 3D printed products, laser welding machines, advanced cutting tools, and more. Particularly notable was the Robot competition for students from universities in the Southern region, which took place within the exhibition area.
Ngày 22/06/2023
During the trip, NYP toured the TDTU campus and discussed international student exchange between the two universities in the future. The exchange took place successfully, helping to create an atmosphere of friendly cooperation between the two universities as well as a dynamic and creative environment for students from both sides.
Ngày 22/06/2023
During this field trip, students had the opportunity to learn more about the technology behind the production of modern, recycled mineral water. This also opened up many opportunities for students in the field of Automation and Control Engineering and from the FEEE in terms of apprenticeship and future employment.
Ngày 19/06/2023
Within the framework of the seminar, DAT Group and their partners had an impressive presentation when they generalized and introduced to students an overall picture of the automation major. Furthermore, the talk show also brought practical solutions that have been operated by factories and enterprises in real life.
Ngày 16/06/2023
The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering congratulates the appointed individuals on their positions in the Faculty's leadership. We wish them good health and continued leadership in further developing and strengthening the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Ngày 12/06/2023
Through the seminar, the students better understand the chaotic system and its practical applications. From there, stimulating creativity and igniting the passion of students in the field of study.
Ngày 29/05/2023
At the dialogue session, the school's rules and regulations were reminded by the FMB and Mr. Phan Thanh Duy and asked the students to strictly follow them. The FMB and the faculty's student management also took time to listen to and answer questions from the students.