Ngày 11/11/2022
The traditional student performance festival is a playground for students to show their passion for music, affirm their abilities and save the most memorable memories of students’ time. In addition, this is also an opportunity for all students of the faculty to meet, exchange, make friends and join in the exciting atmosphere of the show.
Ngày 7/11/2022
At the seminar, the experts of the Hexagon company gave an overview as well as the details of the simulation solutions for electric vehicles such as structural simulation, CFD thermal management simulation, and battery manufacturing. The seminar is an opportunity for students to access new technology information and collect new knowledge to improve themselves.
Ngày 4/11/2022
The seminar brought the students of the FEEE with practical and interesting knowledge. Besides, the seminar also helps students grasp technology for professional work quickly after graduation.
Ngày 28/10/2022
Through this meeting, new students can learn many aspects of the 2022 curricula as well as an overview of their majors. From there, they will have a better vision of the courses as well as the majors that they are going to study.
Ngày 20/10/2022
The training session helped you discover and better understand how the equipment worked here. Throughthe training session, the Faculty Management Board hope that students will accumulate new knowledge to serve their future study and work.
Ngày 18/10/2022
At the seminar, Dr. Viet Hung Tran decided to share a research that applied the Kalman filter to meteorology forcast and Node Red IoT systems. This novel research has been successfully applied by students in Ton Duc Thang university in an experiment kit of Node Red IoT for the course of process control and achieved several prizes of research competitions for pupils and students.
Ngày 17/10/2022
Through this meeting, new students can understand academic issues as well as develop a suitable study plan for themselves. In addition, the new students will have a better overview of the Faculty and the chosen major and orientations for themselves in the future.
Ngày 14/10/2022
Through the meeting, the FEEE agreed on mutual cooperation with Prof. Rupak Kharel. Accompanying the FEEE to participate in developing the Communication and Signal Processing Research Group (COSMIG) is the first step of the research group's breakthroughs later. It is also the Faculty's honor to cooperate with Prof. Rupak Kharel.
Ngày 12/10/2022
Within the framework of the Altair technology seminar, experts from Altair presented in general as well as in detail solutions for high-performance computing systems and cloud computing, system design electronics, structural analysis, architectural engineering, data analytics, and the internet of things.