Ngày 31/05/2022
Being an annual and highly competitive, "Skills for installing electrical equipment" of the FEEE always receives the participation of many students. The students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge about the operating principles, the schematic diagrams of the power circuits, and the controller of the 3-phase asynchronous motor.
Ngày 30/05/2022
The event was held at the hall 10F  and took place from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm on 27/5/2022. The event has the participation of 25 members from TTI company and representatives of the Dean's Committee of the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Finance & Banking and Accounting and students from the Faculties.
Ngày 27/05/2022
Through the seminar, the students could better understand the 6G network system and Industry 6.0, contributing to thoroughly orienting career plans and equipping them with the knowledge that can meet the needs in the current market.
Ngày 26/05/2022
The main content of the dialogue was to disseminate and exchange with students about the school rules and regulations. Through the program, the Dean's Committee directly answered students' problems about the contents related to the academic, rules and regulations.
Ngày 25/05/2022
The seminar had the presence of experts from Phuong Nam Telecom Company, lecturers majoring in Electrical Engineering, and more than eighty students from the Faculty.
Ngày 20/05/2022
At the seminar, Prof. Miroslav Voznak presented about quantum cryptography and the standardization of quantum cryptography. GS. Miroslav Voznak has conducted experiments and simulated quantum key distribution networks. Through the obtained results, research directions on new-generation radio networks are evaluated in detail.
Ngày 19/05/2022
Through the contest, students had a chance to study and exchange knowledge with each other. The contest created a knowledgeable playground for students who were passionate about electronic circuit design to show their talents and abilities.
Ngày 18/05/2022
The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering had 03 student teams representing Ton Duc Thang University to participate in the final round of this competition organized at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education in May 14th, 2022.
Ngày 25/04/2022
Through the seminar, the students understood the knowledge applied to AutoCAD software in electrical engineering design. Simultaneously, it stimulated creativity and aroused students' passion by leaning the application of knowledge into practice.