Ngày 12/01/2020
The exchange was aimed at exchanging professional knowledge, understanding cultures between the two sides and academic issues in the field of Electrical - Electronics and this is also an opportunity to meet and exchange between Vietnamese students and international students, to enhance understanding of foreign culture and people; help students have basic knowledge and skills to become global citizens in the future.
Ngày 9/01/2020
The Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ton Duc Thang University held a seminar on “Mobile digital image processing system”. The subject was presented by two Dutch students were Kendrick Stadt and Jan Dirk Stulp.
Ngày 9/12/2019
Through the seminar, new knowledge content from the project "Reusing steam through smart membrane technology" was disseminated to the students, students; Faculty, Institutes and Universities increase mutual understanding, the effective cooperation between KIER and TDTU will create many good learning opportunities for students on both sides.
Ngày 2/12/2019
Club of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (CEEE), Ton Duc Thang University held a contest titled “Assembling robots controlled via smartphones for high school students” at Tran Van Giau High School, Ho Chi Minh City.
Ngày 25/11/2019
The dialogue with the students being significantly meaningful to the management as a basis for the chairman board can grasp the actual situation of students suffering as well as understand comprehensively their wishes. From these issues, the chairman board proposes possible solving directions to enhance the education quality of TDTU.
Ngày 25/11/2019
The final round of “The 21st Euréka Science Research Student Award 2019” was held at University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh Chi City. Through many rounds, the student group of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty of Ton Duc Thang University conquered the jury council and won a consolation prize in the competition
Ngày 19/11/2019
AETA 2019 attracted the attention and participation of leading experts from many countries around the world, with 108 presentations on theoretical and applied issues in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, computer science, mechanics, cybernetics.
Ngày 18/11/2019
At the seminar, students were lectured about the features of the RE resources, the operation principle of energy conversion with existing technologies being strongly developed in the world.
Ngày 13/11/2019
With the aim of giving students the opportunity to learn, research and enhance their creativity in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, TDTU Startup Wings competition in 2019 has attracted the participation of a large number of students.