Electrical and electronics engineering is in the TOP 10 of the most recruited job in the world, which is related to the most developed technologies in modern life, such as renewable energy, microelectronics design, automatic control, and wireless communications. This is the area that the students are going to study at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) in Ton Duc Thang University. To ensure that the students are provided with highest quality of education as possible, FEEE has been continuously developed since it was established in 1997.

With the modern curricula that are adapted from the curricula of top universities in QS university ranking system, the students who graduate from our program will receive the Bachelor degree with world-class quality. The good combination between theory and experiments will help students quickly understand the knowledge of the program and confidently apply this knowledge into practical problems as well as conduct advanced research. Most of our Faculty members are young, talented, and well-educated from developed countries such as United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, etc., but also have practical experience in their areas of research. With their instruction and advice, the students can gradually master the advanced techmologies including green energy, intelligent robots, 5G wireless communications, and so on.



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The accreditation for 9 study programmes of Ton Duc Thang University according to ASIIN standards
After 2 working days, the University has received positive feedback from the ASIIN accreditation team. Prestigious scientists, professors and experts highly appreciated the structure of the study programmes, the quality of the teaching staff and the student support services.
The accreditation of bachelor programs of FEEE
With the goal of being evaluated by approved international quality assurance institutions, FEEE would like to make the international ...