Contest “Applying techniques to design MP3 player boxes”
In order to create opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they have learned into practice, while also creating a useful playground and opportunities for students to exchange and learn from each other, the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized the competition "Applying techniques to design MP3 player box”
Seminar on “Information & Microservice-Centric Networking with AI as a Future Network Tech”
The aim of the  seminar was the presentation of a new data access method based on the content that users need to search, and routing through the ‘Name’ without focusing too much on the IP address,… At the end of the presentation, Professor Kim presented the research results from BcNLab.
Semi-finals of the 2024 Meca Competition
The competition attracted the participation of many students studying Control and Automation Engineering major and Mechatronics Engineering major at the FEEE. At the competition, the teams presented their initiatives and solutions in applying automation and mechatronics to solve problems encountered in life and industry.