Bachelor Degree Program on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (in collaboration with Saxion University – The Netherlands)

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1. About Saxion University of Applied Sciences

     Saxion University of Applied Sciences (SaxionU) is a public institution, one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with more than 24,000 students. SaxionU is located in the east of the Netherlands with 3 branches located in three lively Dutch cities: Deventer and Enschede and Apeldoorn. Currently, the University has over 24,000 students, of which 3,500 are international students from different countries and are enrolled in the Foundation, Master's and Master programs. The SaxionU curriculum now offers over 30 courses ranging from economics to engineering.

    The international training program at Saxion has been internationally recognized. Graduating at SaxionU allows you to easily find jobs in many other countries around the world.
    SaxionU offers bachelor and master courses taught entirely in English for many years and its programs have proven to be very popular with international students all over the world. SaxionU has been attracting a diverse international student population from more than 80 different countries around the world, including Indonesia, Germany, India, Norway, China, Taiwan., Russia, Bražil, Rwanda, Japan, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Vietnam, Romanians and Turks and other countries.

2. About the Program

♦ Field of training: Finance and Control

♦ Length of program:  04 years

♦ Mode of training: 3+1

    - Phase 1: 3 years at Ton Duc Thang University;

    - Phase 2: 1 year at SaxionU.

♦ Fees:

    - Tuition phase 1: 18.000.000 VND/semester
    - Tuition phase 2: 2.250 EUR/ semester, students of the joint training program between TDTU and SaxionU will be considered for a cholarship of 3.300 EUR.
Estimated living expenses in during phase 2: about 2.000-3.000 EUR/semester

♦ Time to transfer to phase 2: September every year.

 Degree: graduates from this program are awarded Bachlor Degree by SaxionU.


3.  Details about the training program

3.1. Phase 1 (at TDTU): click here

3.2. Phase 2 (at SaxionU): click here