Master program of Automation and Control Engineering

1. Introduction

Based on the results of the learner’s needs survey, there are two main criteria that potential learners wish for the master program. Firstly, the program must be up-to-date and follow the trend of the world. Many good graduates aspire to gain advanced knowledge being taught at reputable universities around the world, but they have no conditions to study abroad full time. Second, potential learners want the program to be highly applied, focusing on the technology fields that are of interest in the recent time, so that learners can quickly catch up with the development trend of industrial revolution 4.0. This is the major requirement of the group of graduates who have stable jobs but wish to improve their research and development capacity. 

2. Curriculum


General knowledge

15 credits

Fundamental and Specialist knowledge

  • Mandatory courses
  • Selective courses

30 credits

9 credits

21 credits

Master’s thesis

15 credits


60 credits


List of modules:  See details here

3. Learning outcome
PLO 2019, PLO 2022
4. Career Prospects 
  • Design specialists, technical directors of domestic and international companies. 
  • Companies and/or brand establishment.
  •  Lecturer, researcher at universities, colleges and institutes.