Buổi phỏng vấn học bổng (Học kì mùa thu 2019) của Đại học kĩ thuật quốc gia Incheon (Hàn Quốc)

Recruiting graduate program

INU plan to visit Vietnam for recruiting graduate students who could get the admission of the INU Graduate School of Engineering for Spring semester 2019.

The on-site interview will be held at Hanoi (October, 27) and Ho Chi Minh City (October 28). Our interview will cover from application, admission, and VISA (one stop program).

Scholarship information of INU

In general, the tuition for graduate program in the engineering school is almost 10,000 USD per a semester. However, INU provides two following scholarship programs to foreign students for tuition waiving:

  1. Special scholarship for foreign students

If a student satisfies the below criteria, tuitions can be waived as following:

- Freshmen (First semester)

Full exemption: TOEIC 800, TOEFL(CBT 230, iBT 88, ITP 580), TEPS 725, IELTS 6.5, TOPIK level 6

80% exemption: TOEIC 770, TOEFL(CBT 227, iBT 86, ITP 570), TEPS 680, IELT 6.0, TOPIK level 5

60% exemption: TOEIF 730, TOEFL(CBT 220, iBT 83, ITP 560), TEPS 640, TOPIK level 4

- From second semester

Full exemption: over 3.75 GPA at the last semester in INU

80% exemption: over 3.5 GPA at the last semester in INU

50% exemption: over 3.0 GPA at the last semester in INU

  1. Full scholarship for foreign students (No need English score)

Per a semester, an advisor (professor) can recommend one full-scholarship student satisfying the following conditions:

- Freshman of Master/Ph. D. programs: over 3.0 GPA in the undergraduate school

- A student must be registered as a full-time student and keep over 3.5 GPA in INU.

- Mandatory papers: one SCI/E paper for Master student/ three SCI/E papers for Ph.D student

- If a student fails to submit the mandatory paper(s) before one’s graduation, the scholarship should be strictly returned



Sinh viên khoa Điện – Điện tử liên hệ văn phòng Khoa Điện – Điện tử, C008, Trường đại học Tôn Đức Thắng, 19 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, phường Tân Phong, quận 7.