On the Performance of Power Splitting Energy Harvested Wireless Full-Duplex Relaying Network with Imperfect CSI over Dissimilar Channels


Tan N. Nguyen, Minh Tran, Phuong T. Tran, Phu Tran Tin, Thanh-Long Nguyen, Duy-Hung Ha and Miroslav Voznak

Source title

Security and Communication Networks

Publication year

The energy harvesting amplify-and-forward full-duplex relaying network over the dissimilar fading environments in imperfect CSI condition is investigated. In this system model, the energy, and information are transferred from the source to the relay nodes by the power splitting protocol with helping of the full-duplex relay node. Firstly, the outage probability, achievable throughput, and the optimal power splitting factor in terms of the analytical mathematical expressions were proposed, analyzed, and demonstrated. Furthermore, the system performance of the proposed model on the connection with all system parameters is rigorously studied. Finally, the numerical results demonstrated and convinced one that the analytical and the simulation results are matched well with each other for all system parameter values using Monte-Carlo simulation. The results show that the system performance degrades significantly but is still in a permissible interval while the channel estimation error increases and the system performance of the mixing scenarios is better in comparison with the Rayleigh-Rayleigh scenario.