Adaptive relaying protocol for decode and forward full-duplex system over Rician fading channel: System performance analysis


Nguyen T.N., Tran M., Nguyen T.-L., Voznak M.

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China Communications

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In this paper, the system performance of a decode-and-forward (DF) full-duplex (FD) adaptive relaying network over the Rician fading environment is proposed, analyzed and demonstrated. In the first stage, the system is presented with the energy harvesting and information transmission processes. After that, the analytical expressions of the achievable throughput, the outage probability, and symbol error ratio (SER) were proposed, analyzed and demonstrated. Finally, the analytical results are also demonstrated by Monte-Carlo simulation in comparison with the closed-form expressions in the influence of the key system parameters. The results show that the analytical and simulated results match for all possible parameter values.