Simulation of Ridge-Waveguide AlGaInP/GaInP Multiple-Quantum Well Diode Lasers


Tran T.-N., Vinh L.T.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 465, Springer International Publishing, 2017

Publication year

The output characteristics of the ridge-waveguide AlGaInP/GaInP multiple quantum well diode lasers have been investigated via ATLAS simulation tool. Three ridge-waveguide parameters including the ridge width, ridge height and the cavity mirror reflectivity have been analyzed in order to achieve the optimal performance of the diode lasers. Simulation results show the significant improvement of the laser output power when increasing the ridge width, the ridge height (etch through the active region) and when applying the optical coatings on the laser facets. There are still some limitations regarding these approaches, but one could potentially figure out the optimal set of the ridge-waveguide parameters for optimal performance of the AlGaInP/GaInP
diode lasers.