Rotor Time Constant Estimation of Induction Motor Using Online PI-Adaptive and GA-Adaptive Model


Tran T.C., Brandstetter P., Duy V.H., Vo H.H., Tran C.D., Ho S.D.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol. 465, Springer International Publishing

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The paper presents an application of the genetic algorithm for parameter findings in the control structure of the A.C. drive with the vector controlled modeling. The mathematical model of DFOC control of the induction motor with the speed controller is described in the first section. The second part presents the PI-Adaptive model for estimating rotor time constant (Tr), the third is the GA-Adaptive online model combining genetic and adaptive algorithms to estimate rotor time constant, Simulative results in the Matlab-Simulink environment indicate that the value and responsiveness of the Tr of GA-Adaptive model are better than PI-Adaptive when the Tr values change during operation.