An operation analysis in DF full duplex relay network


Nguyen Kieu T., Nguyen Huu K.N., Nguyen Ngoc L., Ha Duy H., Do Dinh T., Voznak M., and Uhrin D.

Source title

International Symposium on Telecommunications (BIHTEL 2016)

Publication year

In recent years, the using of energy having in the natural environment has drawn attention of many researchers in the world. And the energy harvesting (EH) protocol is a ideal point focusing the study of many scientists especially in wireless communication systems. This paper deals with the EH architecture of the full duplex relay networks. Through utilizing the time switching based relaying (TSR) protocol and Decode-and-Forward (DF) model, we extract the approximate clause of throughput and after that work out the maximal throughput of delay-limited (DL) and delay tolerant (DT) models. A worth outcome can be taken evidently that the noise factor, the time fraction, the target ratio as well as the position of relay in TSR effected the maximal throughput. Finally, the numerical results give out a efficient relay strategy of the DT to be better than that of the DL in full duplex cooperative networks.