A novel compressed sensing approach to speech signal compression


Nguyen T.N., Tran P.T., and Voznak M.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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Compressed sensing (CS) is a technique to sample compressible signals below the Nyquist rate, whilst still allowing near optimal reconstruction of the signal. In this paper, we apply the iterative hard thresholding (IHT) algorithm for compressed sensing on the speech signal. The interested speech signal is transformed to the frequency domain using Discrete Fourier Transform (DCT) and then compressed sensing is applied to that signal. The compressed signal can be reconstructed using the recently introduced Iterative Hard Thresholding (IHT) algorithm and also by the tradditional minimization (basic pursuit) for comparison. It is shown that the compressed sensing can provide better root mean square error (RMSE) than the tradition DCT compression method, given the same compression ratio.