An instantaneous transmission mode analysis in the half-duplex and full-duplex relaying network


Nguyen Kieu T., Ha Duy H., Nguyen Ngoc L., Dao Huy T., Nguyen Hong N., and Voznak M.

Source title

National Foundation for Science and Technology Development Conference on Information and Computer Science (NICS 2016)

Publication year

The energy harvesting (EH) protocol lied on the surrounding radio frequency (RF) has lastly become the progressive approach to extend the lifetime of the wireless systems. This paper mentions the energy harvesting structure of the half duplex and the full duplex relaying networks. We extract the closed-form expression of the instantaneous throughput and then compare them together by applying time switching based relaying (TSR) protocol and Amplify-and-Forward (AF) scheme. An essential result can be found distinctly that the time fraction, the position of relay, the noise at relay, the energy conversion factor as well as the target rate in TSR act on their throughput. At last, the numerical results give an efficiency relaying strategic way in the half-duplex and full duplex cooperation systems.