Enhancing lighting performance of white LED lamps by green emitting CE,TB phosphor


Anh N.D.Q., Minh T.H.Q., Nhan N.H.K.

Source title

Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Publication year

With the development of high-efficiency and high-power Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), it has become possible to use LEDs in lighting and illumination. In last decades, developing a new method for improving lumen output and Angular Color Uniformity (ACU) is the main direction in LED technology. In this paper, an innovative approach for enhancing lighting performance (lumen output and angular color uniformity) of Multi-Chip White LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) was proposed and demonstrated by mixing the green Ce0.67Tb0.33MgAl11O19: Ce,Tb (CeTb) phosphor into their phosphor compounding. With varying CeTb concentration, ACU and lumen output with Conformal Phosphor Package (CPP) and In-cup Phosphor Package (IPP) are calculated, displayed and analyzed. The results show that the lumen output and the ACU of 7000 K and 8500 K MCW-LEDs increased remarkably in comparison with the older works. Using green CeTb is a prospective method for improving lighting performance of MCW-LEDs in future.