Chaos-Based Optimization - A Review


Senkerik R., Zelinka I., and Pluhacek M.

Source title

Journal of Advanced Engineering and Computation

Publication year

This paper discusses the utilization of the complex chaotic dynamics given by the selected time-continuous chaotic systems as well as by the discrete chaotic maps, as the chaotic pseudo-random number generators and driving maps for the chaos based optimization. Such an optimization concept is utilizing direct output iterations of chaotic system transferred into the required numerical range as the replacement of traditional and default pseudo-random number generators, or this concept uses the chaotic dynamics for mapping the search space mostly within the smart hybrid local search techniques. This paper shows totally three groups of complex chaotic dynamics given by chaotic flows, oscillators and discrete maps. Simulations of examples of chaotic dynamics as unconventional generators or mapped to the search space were performed, and related issues like parametric plots, distributions of such a systems, periodicity, and dependency on internally available parameters are brie y discussed in this paper.