Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm based Method for Economic Load Dispatch with Multiple Fuel Options and Valve Point Effect


Pham L.H., Nguyen T.T., Vo D.N., and Tran C.D.

Source title

International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology

Publication year

This paper presents an Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm (ACSA) for solving economic load dispatch problem where thermal units with multiple fuel options and valve point loading effect are taken into account. ACSA is first developed by improving the optimal solution search ability of conventional Cuckoo search algorithm. In ACSA, the initial eggs are evaluated and classified into two groups including good group and bad group. The updated step size in ACSA at the first new solution generation via Lévy is adaptive at each iteration and therefore the selection of the parameter is not an issue in the paper. The proposed ACSA method is tested on a ten-unit system considering multiple fuel options and valve point loading effect with different load cases. The comparisons of obtained results among the proposed method with others reported in the paper have indicated that ACSA is efficient for applying to the problem.