Two Lagrange Optimization Theory Based Methods for Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problems


Dao N., Linh N.T., Minh T.H.Q., and Thang N.T.

Source title

International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology

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The optimal generation dispatch problem with only one fuel option for each generating unit has been solved for many recent years. However, it is more realistic to represent the fuel cost function for each fossil fired plant as a segmented piece-wise quadratic functions. This is because of development of technology in thermal plants to reach maximum fuel save. Those units are faced with the difficulty of determining which the most economical fuel to burn is. This paper presents two effective methods for solving economic load dispatch problem with multiple fuel options. An advantage of the methods is to formulate Lagrange mathematical function easily based on the Lagrange multiplier theory. The proposed methods are tested on one test system consisting of ten generating units with various load demands and compared to other methods. The simulation results show that the methods are very efficient for the optimal generation dispatch problem with multiple fuel options