A Survey on LDPC Codes for Cooperative Communications


Tran P.T.

Source title

Transactions on Networks and Communications

Publication year

LDPC codes are being considered as the codes that can approach the theoretical capacity limit while are not so complicated to implement. In this survey paper, the application of LDPC codes in decode-and-forward cooperative communications is investigated. Most of current researches focus on how to implement the LDPC-coded cooperation effectively. Here we consider two approaches: the first one uses factor graph decoupling and the other uses bilayer LDPC codes. The performance analysis of these schemes is carried out by density evolution and by EXIT chart analysis. In addition, the methods to design the optimal LDPC codes for these systems are also introduced. The numerical results show that we can reach very close to the capacity limit of the relay channels. Finally, simulation results of a new iterative decoding technique for LDPC codes are also presented.