Output feedback and single-phase sliding mode control for complex interconnected systems


Tsai Y.-W., Huynh V.V.

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Mathematical Problems in Engineering

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This paper generalized a new sliding mode control (SMC) without reaching phase to solve two important problems in the stability of complex interconnected systems: (1) a decentralized controller that uses only output variables directly and (2) the stability of complex interconnected systems ensured for all time. A new sliding surface is firstly designed to construct a single-phase SMC in which the desired motion is determined from the initial time instant. A new lemma is secondly established for the controller design using only output variables. The proposed single-phase SMC and the decentralized output feedback controller ensure the robust stability of complex interconnected systems from the beginning to the end. One of the key features of the single phase SMC scheme is that reaching time, which is required in most of the existing two phases of SMC approaches to stabilize the interconnected systems, is removed. Finally, a numerical example is used to demonstrate the efficacy of the method.