A multitask sliding mode control for mismatched uncertain large-scale systems


Tsai Y-W. and Huynh V.V.

Source title

International Journal of Control

Publication year

A new sliding mode control (SMC) approach, output variables only, single phase only and chattering phenomenon free, is presented for a class of mismatched uncertain large-scale systems. For a new multitask SMC, it is not required that the system states are available. Moreover, the sliding function in this study just depends on output variables. Using an exponential type sliding surface, the system states are always in the sliding mode at the beginning time t = 0. Using a newly appropriate linear matrix inequality stability conditions by the Lyapunov method are derived such that each subsystem in the new sliding mode is completely invariant to matched uncertainties. As a result, robustness of the mismatched uncertain large-scale systems can be assured throughout an entire response of the system starting from the initial time t = 0. In every subsystem, a scheme of decentralised control using only output states is proposed. In addition, a continuous controller is finally designed for chattering removal. Finally, a numerical example is used to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method.