An efficient cuckoo bird inspired meta-heuristic algorithm for short-term combined economic emission hydrothermal scheduling


Nguyen T.T. and Vo D.N.

Source title

Ain Shams Engineering Journal

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The short-term combined economic emission hydrothermal scheduling is a bi-objective problem minimizing both fuel cost and emission of a hydrothermal system while satisfying thermal, hydro and system constraints. In this paper, an efficient cuckoo bird-inspired meta-heuristic algorithm (CBIA) is first successfully applied for solving the bi-objective hydrothermal scheduling problem with nonlinear objectives and constraints. For implementation of the CBIA to the problem, the bi-objective problem is converted into single objective optimization by using the price penalty factor. The performance of the CBIA has been verified on two test systems with nonconvex fuel cost function of thermal units and a cascaded-reservoir system. The result comparisons between the proposed CBIA with other methods have shown that the CBIA is more efficient than many other methods. Therefore, the proposed CBIA can be a very powerful method for the bi-objective hydrothermal scheduling problems with cascaded reservoir system.