Multi-objective short-term fixed head hydrothermal scheduling using augmented lagrange hopfield network


Nguyen T.T. and Vo D.N.

Source title

Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology

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This paper proposes an augmented Lagrange Hopfield network (ALHN) based method for solving multi-objective short term fixed head hydrothermal scheduling problem. The main objective of the problem is to minimize both total power generation cost and emissions of , , and over a scheduling period of one day while satisfying power balance, hydraulic, and generator operating limits constraints. The ALHN method is a combination of augmented Lagrange relaxation and continuous Hopfield neural network where the augmented Lagrange function is directly used as the energy function of the network. For implementation of the ALHN based method for solving the problem, ALHN is implemented for obtaining non-dominated solutions and fuzzy set theory is applied for obtaining the best compromise solution. The proposed method has been tested on different systems with different analyses and the obtained results have been compared to those from other methods available in the literature. The result comparisons have indicated that the proposed method is very efficient for solving the problem with good optimal solution and fast computational time. Therefore, the proposed ALHN can be a very favorable method for solving the multi-objective short term fixed head hydrothermal scheduling problems.