A hybrid genetic algorithm - Sequential quadratic programing approach for canting keel optimization in transverse stability of small boat design


Le T-H., Duy V.H., Phuong P.N., and Nam J-H.

Source title

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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The transverse stability is one of the most important characteristics of the ship in survivability. This factor can be influenced by wind, moving cargoes and passengers. In order to avoid maritime accidents due to parametric rolling, several ways are considered in the practical situation such as active and passive anti rolling method. The canting keel is a practical tool for the enhancement of ship stability. In the early ship design stage, this problem is considered to be multimodal objective problem. In the present research, a hybrid optimization technique, genetic algorithm – sequential quadratic programing (GA-SQP) is developed to determine the appropriate parametric values of design of canting keel.