Economic Emission Load Dispatch with Multiple Fuel Options Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm with Gaussian and Cauchy distributions


Dang Ho S., Song Vo V., Minh Le T., and Trung Nguyen T.

Source title

International Journal of Energy, Information and Communications

Publication year

Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA), a new meta-heuristic algorithm based on natural phenomenon of Cuckoo species and Levy flights random walk, has been successfully applied to several optimization problems so far. In the paper two modified versions of CSA, where new solutions are generated using two distributions including Gaussian and Cauchy distributions are proposed for economic emission load dispatch (EELD) problem with multiple fuel options. The advantages of CSA with Gaussian distribution (CSA-Gauss) and CSA with Cauchy distribution (CSA-Cauchy) over CSA with Levy distribution are fewer parameters and fewer equations and shorter computational process. The proposed method is tested on one test system consisting of ten generating units with various load demands and compared to other methods. In addition, the best compromise from the set of obtained solutions is found and compared to this from lamda-iteration (LI) method and Hopfield Lagrange Network (HLN). The result comparisons have indicated that the proposed method is a highly effective method.