Augmented Lagrange Hopfield network based method for multi-objective hydrothermal scheduling


Thang N.T., Dieu V.N.

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

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The insufficient hydropower resources along with the environmental effects of thermal generations necessitate a proper scheduling scheme to comply with the growing power demand. In fact, the water resource at reservoirs has been affected by fluctuation of whether while exhausting fossil fuels and polluted emissions from thermal plants have become a serious problem. Therefore, the hydrothermal scheduling considering environment constraint becomes a very important problem. This paper proposes an augmented Lagrange Hopfield network (ALHN) for solving the multi-objective short-term hydrothermal scheduling (MOSTHS) problem. In the proposed method, ALHN is used to find a set of non-dominated solutions and the fuzzy decision-making methodology is then exploited to determine the best compromise solution among the obtained ones. The proposed method has been tested on different systems and the obtained results in terms of total fuel cost, emission, and computation time have been compared to those other methods in the literature. The result comparisons have indicated that the proposed method is effective for solving the MOSTHS problem.