A new approach for development of quadruped robot based on biological concepts


Doan P.T., Vo H.D., Kim H.K., and Kim S.B.

Source title

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing

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This paper proposes the design and development results of a new quadruped robot. The proposed new quadruped robot has a couple of advantages of flexible locomotion. The quadruped robot is designed and modeled based on a new concept that is the structure model with three segments of quadruped legs. New leg configuration with the simplified operation of four hip actuators is introduced. The posture of the new quadruped robot is more similar to the posture of dog than that of the previous quadruped robots. The objective of this paper is to develop a quadruped robot, which can walk and run in a trot gait with a simple PID controller. Numerical simulation and experimental results are shown to prove the locomotion performance of the proposed controller for the proposed quadruped robot.