GS. TS. Pavel Brandstetter

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  • PhD. in Electrical Traction and Drives, Brno University of Technology, 1985 - 1987.
  • MSc. in Electrotechnology, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, 1974 - 1979.

Bio Sketch 

Born June 1, 1955 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. MSc study in Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology from 1974 to 1979. Postgraduate study of Pedagogy at Palacky University of Olomouc from 1982 to 1984. Doctoral thesis "Vector Control of Synchronous Motor Fed by Cycloconverter" finished in 1987. Associate professor obtained by the work "Modern Control Methods of Synchronous Motors" in 1991. Appointed as professor for "Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives" by the President of Czech Republic in 2000.

Professional experience

  • 1990 – 1995, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Associate professor at Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, Head of department.
  • 1995 – 1997, ARON & REA, Corp. Ostrava, Director.
  • 1998 – 1999, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Associate professor at Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives.
  • 2000 – 2006, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Head of Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives.
  • Since 2000, Professor at Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives.
  • Since 2007, Professor at Department of Electronics.
  • 2007 – 2009, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Head of Department of Electronics.
  • Since 2010, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Vice-dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2010 – 2013), Adjunct professor of Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam (since 1.6.2016), Dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (since 1.9.2017).

Areas of Interest

AC controlled drives. Vector control. Direct torque control. Sensorless control. Applications of observers, estimators and soft computing methods in the control of electrical drives.

Overview of publishing activities

The list of publications includes 200 publication results - 1 monograph, 68 articles in professional journals, and 131 papers in proceedings of foreign and domestic conferences. In the database Web of Science, there are indexed 29 articles in journals and 64 papers in conference proceedings. In the database Scopus, there are indexed 28 articles in journals and 59 papers in conference proceedings, where he is listed as the author or co-author.

Citation rate: Web of Science - 178 citations without self-citations (H-index = 8); Scopus - 345 citations without self-citations (H-index = 11); Google Scholar - 452 citations (H-index = 13). The results of applied research include 2 patents, 7 implemented improvement proposals, and 8 functional samples.

He was principal investigator and research team member of 16 research projects (Czech Science Foundation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports), and 20 projects carried out in cooperation with industry.

Contact information

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Department of Electronics, 17. listopadu 15/2172,

708 33 Ostrava, Czech Republic; tel.: +420 602 527 254; e-mail: