Transmit antenna selection – An effective method for improving the performance of spatial modulation full-duplex relay networks with wireless energy harvesting


Nguyen B.C., Le X.H., Hoang T.M., Tran P.T.

Source title

AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications

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Full-duplex (FD) communications have been proved as an inevitable techniques to obtain high quality of service in modern wireless communications. In this paper, an integrated communication scheme using spatial modulation (SM) with transmit antenna selection (TAS) and wireless energy harvesting (EH) is proposed to enhance the overall spectral efficiency and diversity order of full-duplex relaying (FDR) networks as well as to overcome the battery shortage problem at the intermediate relay nodes. The performance of this EH-SM-FDR system is investigated thoroughly by deriving the exact-form expressions of the outage probability (OP) and network throughput. The impact of residual self-interference (RSI) at FD relay and the EH time-switching ratio is also analyzed, from which the optimal value of EH time-switching ratio to minimize the OP and maximize the network throughput of the system is obtained. It is recommended from our analysis that more receive antennas should be equipped at the relay than at the destination to achieve better OP performance. This analysis also recommends best suitable data transmission rate depending on the source transmit power to reach lowest OP and highest throughput. Finally, Monte Carlo simulations are conducted to validate all analytical results.