Synthesis of titanium/niobium oxide nanocomposite on top open bamboo like titanium dioxide nanotube for the catalytic degradation of organic pollutants


Indira K., Pugazhendhi A., Rajasekar M., Rajendran N., Chinnathambi A., Alharbi S.A., Thanh N.C., Brindhadevi K.

Source title

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Publication year

In the present investigation, highly ordered, well organized, bamboo like TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNT) were developed via anodization method and the niobium ions were incorporated into it via simple dip coating route for the first time. Under optimized anodization condition, hierarchical bamboo like nanotube arrays with open top structure were obtained. From the EDS and ATR-FTIR results it is evident that the Nb is incorporated on the surface of TNT. The XRD pattern showed the crystalline nature of TNT. In order to analyze the charge separation efficiency, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study was carried out, which showed improved charge separation efficiency of Nb-TNT than TNT. Hence, Nb-TNT nanocomposite would be a promising material to use as photocatalyst for the degradation of organic pollutants.