A study of physical layer security in swipt-based decode-and-forward relay networks with dynamic power splitting


Phan V.-D., Nguyen T.N., Le A.V., Voznak M.

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In this paper, we study the physical layer security for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT)-based half-duplex (HD) decode-and-forward relaying system. We consider a system model including one transmitter that tries to transmit information to one receiver under the help of multiple relay users and in the presence of one eavesdropper that attempts to overhear the confidential information. More specifically, to investigate the secrecy performance, we derive closed-form expressions of outage probability (OP) and secrecy outage probability for dynamic power splitting-based relaying (DPSBR) and static power splitting-based relaying (SPSBR) schemes. Moreover, the lower bound of secrecy outage probability is obtained when the source’s transmit power goes to infinity. The Monte Carlo simulations are given to corroborate the correctness of our mathematical analysis. It is observed from simulation results that the proposed DPSBR scheme outperforms the SPSBR-based schemes in terms of OP and SOP under the impact of different parameters on system performance.