Social Density Monitoring Toward Selective Cleaning by Human Support Robot with 3D Based Perception System


Vu Le A., Ramalingam B., Gomez B.F., Mohan R.E., Minh T.H.Q., Sivanantham V.

Source title

IEEE Access

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Monitoring the safe social distancing then conducting efficient sterilization in potentially crowded public places are necessary but challenging especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This work presents the 3D human space-based surveillance system enabling selective cleaning framework. To this end, the proposed AI-assisted perception techniques is deployed on Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR) equipped with autonomous navigation, Lidar, and RGBD vision sensor. The human density mapping represented as heatmap was constructed to identify areas with the level being likely the risks for interactions. The surveillance framework adopts the 3D human joints tracking technique and the accumulated asymmetrical Gaussian distribution scheme modeling the human location, size, and direction to quantify human density. The HSR generates the human density map as a grid-based heatmap to perform the safe human distance monitoring task while navigating autonomously inside the pre-built map. Then, the cleaning robot uses the levels of the generated heatmap to sterilize by the selective scheme. The experiment was tested in public places, including food court and wet market. The proposed framework performance analyzed with standard performance metrics in various map sizes spares about 19 % of the disinfection time and 15 % of the disinfection liquid usage, respectively.