Security-reliability tradeoff of MIMO TAS/SC networks using harvest-to-jam cooperative jamming methods with random jammer location


Nam P.M., Hung H.D., Duy T.T., Thuong L.-T.

Source title

ICT Express

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This paper evaluates outage probability (OP) and intercept probability (IP) of physical-layer security based MIMO networks adopting cooperative jamming (Coop-Jam). In the considered scenario, a multi-antenna source communicates with a multi-antenna destination employing transmit antenna selection (TAS)/ selection combining (SC), in presence of a multi-antenna eavesdropper using SC. One of jammers appearing near the destination is selected for generating jamming noises on the eavesdropper. Moreover, the destination supports the wireless energy for the chosen jammer, and cooperates with it to remove the jamming noises. We consider two jammer selection approaches, named RAND and SHORT. In RAND, the destination randomly selects the jammer, and in SHORT, the jammer, which is nearest to the destination, is chosen. We derive exact and asymptotic expressions of OP and IP over Rayleigh fading, and perform Monte-Carlo simulations to verify the correction of our derivation. The results present advantages of the proposed RAND and SHORT methods, as compared with the corresponding one without using Coop-Jam.