Secrecy performance of multi-user multi-hop cluster-based network with joint relay and jammer selection under imperfect channel state information


Dung C.T., Hoang T.M., Thang N.N., Tran M., Tran P.T.

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Performance Evaluation

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In this paper, we propose and analyze two important secure performance metrics of cluster-based multi-hop relay networks with friendly jamming nodes under the presence of multi-eavesdroppers in condition of imperfect channel estimation. At each hop, partial relay and jammer selection are used to improve the network security. The close-form expressions of secrecy outage probability and the probability of non-zero secrecy capacity of the considered system are derived as criteria to evaluate system security performance. The system performance is analyzed for Rayleigh fading channels with imperfect channel state information. Monte Carlo simulations are also performed to verify the correctness of the analytical results.