Performance Enhancement for Multihop Cognitive DF and AF Relaying Protocols under Joint Impact of Interference and Hardware Noises: NOMA for Primary Network and Best-Path Selection for Secondary Network


Duy T.T., Ngoc P.T.D., Tran P.T.

Source title

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

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In this paper, we propose and evaluate performance of multihop multipath underlay cognitive radio networks. In a primary network, an uplink nonorthogonal multiple access method is employed to allow primary transmitters to simultaneously transmit their data to a primary receiver. Using an underlay spectrum-sharing method, secondary source and secondary relays must adjust their transmit power to guarantee quality of service of the primary network. Under the limited transmit power, cochannel interference from the primary transmitters, and hardware noises caused by impairments, we propose best-path selection methods to improve the end-to-end performance for the secondary network. Moreover, both multihop decode-and-forward and amplify-and-forward relaying protocols are considered in this paper. We derive expressions of outage probability for the primary and secondary networks and propose an efficient method to calculate the transmit power of the secondary transmitters. Then, computer simulations employing the Monte-Carlo approach are realized to validate the derivations.