Performance Analysis in DF Energy Harvesting Full-Duplex Relaying Network with MRC and SC at the Receiver under Impact of Eavesdropper

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Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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This paper investigates the decode-and-forward (DF) full-duplex (FD) relaying system under the presence of an eavesdropper. Moreover, the relay node is able to harvest energy from a transmitter, and then it uses the harvested energy for conveying information to the receiver. Besides, both two-hop and direct relaying links are taking into consideration. In the mathematical analysis, we derived the exact expressions for intercept probability and outage probability (OP) by applying maximal ratio combining (MRC) and selection combining (SC) techniques at the receiver. Next, the Monte Carlo simulation is performed to validate the mathematical analysis. The results show that the simulation curves match the mathematic expressions, which confirms the analysis section.