Particle swarm optimization-based stator resistance observer for speed sensorless induction motor drive


Ho S.D., Palacky P., Kuchar M., Brandstetter P., Tran C.D.

Source title

International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Publication year

This paper presents a different technique for the online stator resistance estimation using a particle swarm optimization (PSO) based algorithm for rotor flux oriented control schemes of induction motor drives without a rotor speed sensor. First, a conventional proportional-integral controller-based stator resistance estimation technique is used for a speed sensorless control scheme with two different model reference adaptive system (MRAS) concepts. Finally, a novel method for the stator resistance estimation based on the PSO algorithm is presented for the two MRAS-type observers. Simulation results in the Matlab/Simulink environment show good adaptability of the proposed estimation model while the stator resistance is varied to 200% of the nominal value. The results also confirm more accurate stator resistance and rotor speed estimation in comparison with the conventional technique.