An oscillator without linear terms: Infinite equilibria, chaos, realization, and application


Almatroud O.A., Tamba V.K., Grassi G., Pham V.-T.

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Oscillations and oscillators appear in various fields and find applications in numerous areas. We present an oscillator with infinite equilibria in this work. The oscillator includes only nonlinear elements (quadratic, absolute, and cubic ones). It is different from common oscillators, in which there are linear elements. Special features of the oscillator are suitable for secure applications. The oscillator’s dynamics have been discovered via simulations and an electronic circuit. Chaotic attractors, bifurcation diagrams, Lyapunov exponents, and the boosting feature are presented while measurements of the implemented oscillator are reported by using an oscilloscope. We introduce a random number generator using such an oscillator, which is applied in biomedical image encryption. Moreover, the security and performance analysis are considered to confirm the correctness of encryption and decryption processes.