Optimal Placement of Wind Power Plants in Transmission Power Networks by Applying an Effectively Proposed Metaheuristic Algorithm


Duong M.Q., Nguyen T.T., Nguyen T.T.

Source title

Mathematical Problems in Engineering

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In this paper, a modified equilibrium algorithm (MEA) is proposed for optimally determining the position and capacity of wind power plants added in a transmission power network with 30 nodes and effectively selecting operation parameters for other electric components of the network. Two single objectives are separately optimized, including generation cost and active power loss for the case of placing one wind power plant (WPP) and two wind power plants (WPPs) at predetermined nodes and unknown nodes. In addition to the proposed MEA, the conventional equilibrium algorithm (CEA), heap-based optimizer (HBO), forensic-based investigation (FBI), and modified social group optimization (MSGO) are also implemented for the cases. Result comparisons indicate that the generation cost and power loss can be reduced effectively, thanks to the suitable location selection and appropriate power determination for WPPs. In addition, the generation cost and loss of the proposed MEA are also less than those from other compared methods. Thus, it is recommended that WPPs should be placed in power systems to reduce cost and loss, and MEA is a powerful method for the placement of wind power plants in power systems.