A Method for Closed Frequent Subgraph Mining in a Single Large Graph


Nguyen L.B.Q., Nguyen L.T.T., Zelinka I., Snasel V., Nguyen H.S., Vo B.

Source title

IEEE Access

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Mining frequent subgraphs is an interesting and important problem in the graph mining field, in that mining frequent subgraphs from a single large graph has been strongly developed, and has recently attracted many researchers. Among them, MNI-based approaches are considered as state-of-the-art, such as the GraMi algorithm. Besides frequent subgraph mining (FSM), frequent closed frequent subgraph mining was also developed. This has many practical applications and is a fundamental premise for many studies. This paper proposes the CloGraMi (Closed Frequent Subgraph Mining) algorithm based on GraMi to find all closed frequent subgraphs in a single large graph. Two effective strategies are also developed, the first one is a new level order traversal strategy to quickly determine closed subgraphs in the searching process, and the second is setting a condition for early pruning a large portion of non-closed candidates, both of them aim to reduce the running time as well as the memory requirements, improve the performance of the proposed algorithm. Our experiments are performed on five real datasets (both directed and undirected graphs) and the results show that the running time as well as the memory requirements of our algorithm are significantly better than those of the GraMi-based algorithm.