Joint Optimization of UAV 3-D Placement and Path-Loss Factor for Energy-Efficient Maximal Coverage


Shakoor S., Kaleem Z., Do D.-T., Dobre O.A., Jamalipour A.

Source title

IEEE Internet of Things Journal

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Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a key enabler for communication systems beyond the fifth generation due to its applications in almost every field, including mobile communications and vertical industries. However, there exist many challenges in 3-D UAV placement, such as resource and power allocation, trajectory optimization, and user association. This problem becomes even more complex as UAV changes its height, which in turn varies the channel conditions and reduces the coverage on account of high co-channel interference. To maximize the user coverage in uplink transmission, we propose to jointly optimize the 3-D UAV placement and path-loss compensation factor. Moreover, we also optimize the latter for various UAV deployment heights in the suburban environment. Simulation results have demonstrated that the joint optimization of the UAV height and path-loss compensation factor results in better coverage and throughput performance as compared to the baseline scheme.