Hyperchaotic fractional Grassi–Miller map and its hardware implementation


Ouannas A., Khennaoui A.A., Oussaeif T.-E., Pham V.-T., Grassi G., Dibi Z.

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Most of the papers published so far on fractional discrete systems are related to theoretical results on their chaotic behaviors or to applications based on the mathematical modeling of the chaotic phenomena. No paper has been published to date regarding the hardware implementation of hyperchaotic fractional maps. This manuscript makes a contribution to the topic by presenting the first example of hardware implementation of hyperchaotic fractional maps. In particular, by exploiting the Grunwald–Letnikov difference operator, the paper introduces a new version of the fractional Grassi–Miller map. The system dynamics are analyzed via bifurcation diagrams and Lyapunov exponents, showing that the conceived map is hyperchaotic when the fractional order belongs to the interval. Finally, a hardware implementation of the fractional map is illustrated, with the aim to concretely highlight the presence of hyperchaos in physical systems described by fractional difference equations. Arduino, an open-source platform, has been used to illustrate the simplicity as well as the feasibility of the implementation.