Highly robust observer sliding mode based frequency control for multi area power systems with renewable power plants


Huynh V.V., Minh B.L.N., Amaefule E.N., Tran A.-T., Tran P.T.

Source title

Electronics (Switzerland)

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This paper centers on the design of highly robust observer sliding mode (HROSM)-based load frequency and tie-power control to compensate for primary frequency control of multi-area interconnected power systems integrated with renewable power generation. At first, the power system with external disturbance is model in the state space form. Then the state observer is used to estimate the system states which are difficult or expensive to measure. Secondly, the sliding mode control (SMC) is designed with a new single phase sliding surface (SPSS). In addition, the whole system asymptotic stability is proven with Lyapunov stability theory based on the linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique. The new SPSS without reaching time guarantees rapid convergence of high transient frequency, tie-power change as well as reduces chattering without loss of accuracies. Therefore, the superiority of modern state-of-the-art SMC-based frequency controllers relies on good practical application. The experimental simulation results on large interconnected power systems show good performance and high robustness against external disturbances when compared with some modern state of art controllers in terms of overshoots and settling time.