Fixed-time synergetic control for chaos suppression in endocrine glucose–insulin regulatory system


Al-Hussein A.-B.A., Tahir F.R., Pham V.-T.

Source title

Control Engineering Practice

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This paper, puts forward the control of chaos phenomena in an important endocrine glucose–insulin metabolic regulatory system. Using a robust fixed-time synergetic controller, which has been designed to regulate the plasma glycemic level in type 1 diabetic patients (T1D). In the view of the recent improvement in synergetic control algorithm, terminal attractor technique and fixed time stability. The introduced technique has the benefit of utilizing a continuous control law. In addition, the proposed control algorithm, other than being without chattering, has the advantage of being converging in finite fixed-time. Lyapunov framework is exploited to ensure the stability of the controlled system. Simulation results of the designed synergetic controller, are exhibiting the ability of the proposed control technique for rapidly achieving normoglycemia in type 1 diabetes patients and stabilizing the biological disorder in a robust manner. These features make it interesting because one of the great matters in the diabetes mellitus treatment is the search of the best controller acting as an artificial pancreas and a safe and efficient control algorithm of the plasma glucose level and control devices enhancement, which relieves the diabetic subjects.