Experimental assessment of performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled by combined non-edible blends with nanoparticles


Al-Kheraif A.A., Syed A., Elgorban A.M., Divakar D.D., Shanmuganathan R., Brindhadevi K.

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This study emphasis the utilization of Candle nut and Soap nut biodiesel as a substitute for conventional fuel and investigates the emission characteristics and performance of engine using the above biodiesel by incorporating nanoalumina at the concentration of 25 ppm. Initially the samples were blended with 50% Candle nut and 50% Soap nut and later it was mixed with the neat diesel at the concentration of 20%, 30% and 40% (B20, B30 and B40) respectively. The investigation has been made using the biodiesel and compared with the conventional fuel at various load conditions. The biodiesel blends were mixed with nano alumina using a ultrasonicator and the performance of the nanoparticles incorporated biodiesel blends was assessed using compression ignition engine. This study revealed that nanoparticles incorporated biodiesel blends enhance the engine performance significantly and the enhancement in performance is due to more surface area to volume ratio of Al2O3. The Nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions were reduced considerably due to the incorporation of nano alumina at higher concentration. In addition, the nitrous oxide emission was higher as compared with pure diesel. The presence of oxygen molecules in nanoalumina reacts with carbon monoxide and forms carbon dioxide. The above process reduces the carbon monoxide emissions significantly in nanoparticles incorporated biodiesel blends. Out of various biodiesel mix, 30B samples showed better results in terms of reducing the nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and hydro carbon emissions.