Chimera state in a network of nonlocally coupled impact oscillators


Wojewoda J., Rajagopal K., Pham V.-T., Parastesh F., Kapitaniak T., Jafari S.

Source title

Journal of Zhejiang University: Science A

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Chimera state is a peculiar spatiotemporal pattern, wherein the coherence and incoherence coexist in the network of coupled identical oscillators. In this paper, we study the chimera states in a network of impact oscillators with nonlocal coupling. We investigate the effects of the coupling strength and the coupling range on the network behavior. The results reveal the emergence of the chimera state for significantly small values of coupling strength, and higher coupling strength values lead to unbounded motions in the oscillators. We also study the network in the case of excitation failure. We observe that the coupling helps in the maintenance of an oscillatory motion with a lower amplitude in the failed oscillator.