Benefiting wireless power transfer scheme in power domain based multiple access: Ergodic rate performance evaluation


Le A.-T., Nguyen M.-S.V., Do D.-T.

Source title

Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

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Power domain based multiple access scheme is introduced in this paper, namely Non-orthogonal multiple-access (NOMA). We deploy a wireless network using NOMA together with a wireless power transfer (WPT) scheme for dedicated user over Nakagami-$m$ fading channel. When combined, these promising techniques (NOMA and WPT) improve the system performance in term of ergodic performance at reasonable coefficient of harvested power. However, fixed power allocation factors for each NOMA user can be adjusted at the base station and it further provide performance improvement. We design a new signal frame to deploy a NOMA scheme in WPT which adopts a linear energy harvesting model. The ergodic capacity in such a NOMA network and power allocation factors can be updated frequently in order to achieve a fair distribution among NOMA users. The exact expressions of ergodic capacity for each user is derived. The simulation results show that an agreement between analytic performance and Monte-Carlo simulation can be achieved.