Adaptive floor cleaning strategy by human density surveillance mapping with a reconfigurable multi-purpose service robot


Sivanantham V., Vu Le A., Shi Y., Elara M.R., Sheu B.J.

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Professional cleaning and safe social distance monitoring are often considered as demanding, time-consuming, repetitive, and labor-intensive tasks with the risk of getting exposed to the virus. Safe social distance monitoring and cleaning are emerging problems solved through robotics solutions. This research aims to develop a safe social distance surveillance system on an intra-reconfigurable robot with a multi-robot cleaning system for large population environments, like office buildings, hospitals, or shopping malls. We propose an adaptive multi-robot cleaning strategy based on zig-zag-based coverage path planning that works in synergy with the human interaction heat map generated by safe social distance monitoring systems. We further validate the proposed adaptive velocity model’s efficiency for the multi-robot cleaning systems regarding time consumption and energy saved. The proposed method using sigmoid-based non-linear function has shown superior performance with 14.1 percent faster and energy consumption of 11.8 percent less than conventional cleaning methods.