System Performance of Cooperative NOMA with Full-Duplex Relay over Nakagami- m Fading Channels


Nguyen X.-X., Do D.-T.

Source title

Mobile Information Systems

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In this paper, we consider a dual-user nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) with the help of full-duplex decode-and-forward (DF) relay systems with respect to Nakagami-m fading channel environment. Especially, we derive the analytical expressions to evaluate system performance in terms of outage probability, achievable throughput, and energy efficiency. The main investigation is on considering how the fading parameters and transmitting power at the base station make crucial impacts on system performance in the various scenarios. Finally, simulations are conducted to confirm the validity of the analysis and show the system performance of NOMA under different fading parameters of Nakagami-m fading channels.