Synchronization in a multiplex network of gene oscillators


Khalaf A.J.M., Alsaadi F.E., Alsaadi F.E., Pham V.-T., Rajagopal K.

Source title

Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics

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Study of the synchronization in the network of gene oscillator network has vital importance in understanding of rhythmicity of molecular and cellular activities. In this paper, we analyze a network of linearly coupled genetic oscillators in a multiplex structure. The coupling strength values are changed and the coupling range is considered to be fixed, but different in the two layers. The analyses are done in two cases of periodic and chaotic oscillations. By computing the statistical measures, the interlayer and intralayer synchronization states are studied. The results show that the layer with higher coupling range has more enhanced synchrony and is less affected by the turbulent behavior of the other layer. On the other hand, the layer with lower coupling range approaches synchronization by strengthening the interlayer and intralayer couplings. The interlayer synchronization is also achieved in high coupling strength values.