Self-adapting self-organizing migrating algorithm


Skanderova L., Fabian T., Zelinka I.

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Swarm and Evolutionary Computation

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The self-organizing migrating algorithm is a population-based algorithm belonging to swarm intelligence, which has been successfully applied in several areas for solving non-trivial optimization problems. However, based on our experiments, the original formulation of this algorithm suffers with some shortcomings as loss of population diversity, premature convergence, and the necessity of the control parameters hand-tuning. The main contribution of this paper is the development of the novel algorithm mitigating the mentioned issues of the original self-organizing migrating algorithm. We have applied the ideas of the self-adaptation of the control parameters, the different principle of the leader creation, and the external archive of the successful particles. For some special cases, we are able to utilize the differential grouping to detect the interacting variables effectively removing the need for the perturbation parameter. To prove the efficiency of the novel algorithm, we have performed experiments on fifteen unconstrained problems from the CEC 2015 benchmark. The algorithm is compared with seven well-known evolutionary and swarm algorithms. The results of the experiments indicate that the mechanisms used in the novel algorithm had significantly improved the performance of the original self-organizing migrating algorithm, and the new algorithm can now compete with the selected algorithms.